Azurite, feline-avian-cetacean-hominid, Blue Angel

Azurite, feline-avian-cetacean-hominid, "Blue Angel"

The Azurite, feline-avian-cetacean-hominid, "Blue Angel" race originate from Sirius B and were seeded into Densities 1-4 and have Emerald Sun DNA 48 strands. In order to provide greater protection and healing efforts in our Time Matrix, 5 different primary Founders Races, the Anuhazi (Elohei cat race), Cerez (Seraphei bird race), Aethien (Seraphei mantis race), Pegasai (Bra-ha-Rama bird-horse-deer race), Inyu (Bra-ha-Rama cetacean race), co-created a new guardian angelic super race called the Azurites. The Azurites are a blue-skinned land-water mammal cat-bird hominid, some bearing feathered heads and wings (angelic), which were created 250 billion years ago with the formation of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW).

The Azurite race, carrying the full spectrum of the three Founders Races original core genetic templates, represented a new race-form through which the highly evolved Density-5 Rishi and Ascended Masters Collectives from beyond the Time Matrix could incarnate directly into the lower matter-density systems for crisis intervention. The Azurite race line was simultaneously seeded into every matter-density level in our 15-dimensional Time Matrix, placed in galactic and planetary proximity to the 12 Universal Star Gates of our Universal Templar Complex.

The Azurites were appointed by the 3 Rishi Orders (Emerald Order, Gold Order, Amethyst Order) as the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team, commissioned to protect and repair the structural integrity of our Time Matrix and with assisting all races in their evolution to ascension and freedom from the Time Matrix. They Azurites co-created several different races, such as the Oraphim angelic race, the Turaneusiam angelic human race, the “Blue Human” Maharaji race, and many others.