Omicron Draconian, insectoid reptilian dinosaur

Omicron Draconian, Fallen Angelic Legions

Omicron Draconian, Fallen Angelic Legions: are a Seraphei Gold Order Fallen Angelic race hybrid, created with the insectoid-reptilian-dinosaur strains, originally seeded on Density-4 planet Vega (Lyra) 950 billion years ago, with the genetics of the Black Sun DNA 10-strands. Omicron Draconian race began to digress, moved to the Orion system and set forth dominion conquest into the stellar systems of our Time Matrix. They became known as the “Fallen Seraphim”, also called the Dragon-Moth, the forefathers of the contemporary D10 Orion-Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legion. The Omicron are allies with Zeta-Rigelian, some Odedicron-Reptilian, and Marduke-Dramin-Anunnaki. Most Omicron Draconians joined United Intruder Resistance (UIR) in 2000 AD; rebels refuse UIR for their own Omicron-Drakonian OWO agenda.

The Omicron Draconians Legions of Orion are at war with us humans and the Christos Guardian Angelic races. They are against Creator, they are against the Law of One and are anti-Christos, they seek our death or complete dominion over us. The false creed of the Fallen Angelic legions promotes the worship of external gods, angelics and false saviors. The false “Templar” creed discards the true teachings of the Inner Christ and human freedom, deceives humanity into powerlessness, fear and subservience, and distracts humanity from embracing its heritage as an Angelic Race, placing human destiny at the mercy of false-gods. It is an ancient spiritual multidimensional war and they attack us on all fronts, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and psychically. Many of our ideas and values of what we think is good is actually rooted in wickedness and evil, these beings are Satanic and Luciferian. They attack and manipulate our genetics, they delete or edit and change our religious and spiritual sacred texts and distort our history, so eventually our race becomes lost and distorted and separated from Source-God. Most humans are following one of their many belief systems that go against the Christiac Law of One.

Alnitak (Orion)
Alnilam (Orion)
Alpha Draconis
Winged "dragons", also called Drakonians, or spelled Draconians, kind of look like dinosaur type beings. They also look like dragons with wings and tails, like a lot of our devil mythology comes from a cellular imprint of understanding that race, because once upon a time they interacted here and they forcibly cross-bred with humans to create a hybrid strain called the Dracos, which is actually focused on planet Nibiru right now and starting to mess with our race again. They're baaack, it's serious business. They are D10, they can't go higher than D10. They have 10-strand, what's called the Black Sun DNA matrix, It's called the Black Sun because in order to have that independence that they created, they not only unplugged everything above 10-strands, they reversed the order of the fire letter sequences, what's called a reverse 10 strand DNA template. They tend to take on the forms, if we would see them, they would look like not reptile lizards, but more like dragons, or gargoyles, that kind of thing. That's a little different than your snake types or your little greys.

They have completely turned the consciousness inside out. They do not have the ability to plug into the rest of the dimensional scale which gives them a consciousness that can not cognate anything but itself and it's own needs. If you ever looked into a sharks eyes, like on pictures on TV, there's this blank stare there. These guys are eating machines. You can go up to a shark and say I'm a really special being, it's really not a good idea to eat me, do you think it's going to care? It has no cognition level to have compassion or to think about you in that form. You are just fuel that it's biologically driven to consume. This is the level of consciousness, but amplified by 10 dimensions that you are dealing with with the Draconian matrix. It's an Avatar matrix of liquid light beings that are majorly screwed up. They need more help than anybody in the Time Matrix, they are so stuck here that they have had to turn themselves into the epitome of evil just to self-sustain, where they will suck energy off anything they can get their claws into or their flash line sequences hooked into just to self-sustain themselve.
human-hybrid (Lizard-hominid, some “morph” to human-like) Earth/Inner Earth
"Chupacabra", Omicron-Odedicron-mammal-hybrid, created by the Drakon approximately 1 million years ago during the Second Seeding of the Angelic Human Race during the Atlanian (Atlantian) period. The Drakon combined certain animal strains from the Drakon planets with various Earth animals to create the Phalzants "Chupacabra" creature. The Phalzants and descendants of the Dracos are presently assisting Zeta Visitors with earthly agendas detrimental to the human populace.
Orange Zeta hybrid (Dracos-Anunnaki-Zeta Rigelian hybrid), from Nibiru
blue-human-reptile, Omicron-Zephelium hybrid, Bellatrix.
insect-hominid, Omicron Draconian + Anunnaki hybrid
False Creeds | Text Distortions | Associations:
Knights of Malta / Catholic Templar Knights
Roman “Mafia”
Scots “McDonald” raider line
Nazi creeds
“Black Sun” mystical schools
Curendara / “Dramin Dragon Queen”
Shamanism (Native American, Peru, Africa)
Haitian / African “Voo-Doo”
Roman Catholic control creeds
WICCAN / Pagan
Reiki text distortions
false Guardian Alliance claims
Drakonian-Orion Confederation
Illuminati Royal Blood Lines
Etruan King
Etalian King (Atlas-Etruan King hybrid)
Roman Remus King (Etalian-Lathin King hybrid)
Pharisees-Semetic Dragon King (Hibiru)
Hallah King (Hibiru)
Dragon King (Sumerian, Egyptian-Tuthmosis-Ramses, Chinese, Japanese, Germanic)
Human Tribe Infiltration:
Middle East/Persian (Ur, Hibiru, Hebrew, Akkadian), Taliban, Sumeria, Ionian (Etruscan and Roman), German/Russian, Anglo-Saxon, Asian/China (Yu), African, Aztecs, Incas, Native American.
Bipedal Dolphin People, cetacean-hominid