Yunasai, God, Source

Yunasai, God, Source

Who is God? Is the bible true? Is religion a dogma? What about spirituality & consciousness? Is the Yunasai God? The answers go beyond philosophy, Jesus Christ, Christianity, or the God of the bible. Discover God from the Inner Christos / Law of One perspective. The kathara of voyager Ashayana Deane. God, At-ONE-ment, One Spirit, One Self. Guardian Angelic Nations often refer to this Central Source of Creation as the “Yunasai”, the ALL-ONE-ness. Yunasai, it is the first sound translation for God, in the original first language of the Anuhazi, the first word or vibration that represents God.

Yunasai, which means "Central Point of All Union", Eternal Consciousness of the One-All, pronounced “You’-na-sigh”. Also called Great Spirit, Creator, Source, or God. The Yunasai, also used to describe the energetic reality and conscious identity of the singular Creative Source that on Earth we call "God", is an ancient word that was always used to refer to Source or God or the One Source of all Creation, and you can use the word God, you can use the word Yunasai, Muslims use Allah, whatever you want to use, it doesn't really matter. Some people use the word Creator, they are referring to the same thing.

Yunasai would be considered the first level of the Divine Hierarchy, the highest level of this structure of twenty-four 15-dimensional Time Matrices, but it's actually not an elitist pyramid, it's a circle, or more like an egg-shape thing, let's call it the cosmic egg of Source. Source, the Yunasai would be this first egg-shaped energy field, and all other energy fields take place down inside of Source. So, if you are going to expand to the highest level possible, you would expand back out to the Yunasai or Source consciousness. That's AT-ONE-ment with Source. If you went back into the Yunasai, you would be back into full AT-ONE-ment with Source.

Through understanding the reality of the Cosmic Divine Blueprint we can begin to comprehend and awaken our tangible, indelible, eternal, direct and personal relationship to GOD. There is a purpose, plan and intelligent design inherent to, behind and within all creation. We each exist as an intimate, integral and blessed part of a meaningful Cosmic, Universal, Galactic, Planetary, Race and Personal Divine Order. All creation takes places within the consciousness of God and thus separation from God can only exist as the illusion of limited perception and forgetfulness of our original Source. Holy Order of the Yunasai, Sacred House of ONE, Law of One.

When we enter the 15-Dimensional Matrices we come from a central Source where we are in a state of consciousness that in spiritual terms would be considered At-ONE-ment with our creator. We are projected outward as electrotonal energy, as a light-sound energy identity. Energy is aware. We start as pure energy and are projected into one of the 15-Dimensional Matrices. Then we go through a process of expanding into the dimensions and we have to pull ourselves back out of the 15-Dimensional Matrix again and spiral back up into the central Source of Yunasai. That is the process of spiritual evolution.